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Newsletter #10

This is a short blast to alert you all that season passes are now available on our website, Please consider the purchase of a Sustainer Pass, especially for our first year of operation as we make every effort to put the Center on solid financial footing. A Sustainer Pass is available for individuals and families. The majority of a Sustainer Pass purchase is tax deductible and Sustainer Pass holders will receive some bonus swag (TBD) & parking stickers.

Meanwhile, the work is fast and furious at Oak Hill. The trail contour work is largely finished. The trails have been seeded with grass to prevent erosion and our stretch of good weather (with a bit of welcome rain on Friday) is really helping the effort. The Storr’s Pond camping areas will be closed following this weekend, which will open up that area for completion of trail and snowmaking work.

Below is a picture of the expanded compressor house, a state-of-the-art snow gun, delivered just this week, the new trails, and Korry at work in the remodeled office/warming hut. If you have questions or comments, please let us know at


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