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Newsletter #3

Friends of Oak Hill Update #3

Conditions are finally cold enough to begin logging operations and equipment is arriving on site this week. With the beginning of logging this week, there will be significant truck traffic on the dirt portion of Reservoir Road and Grasse Road, which the loggers will use to remove material. Ray School and Middle School administrators have been notified that parents may want to avoid that route to the schools if they are dropping off or picking up children. The trucks are large and will take up most of the road.

The partnership agreement with the Hanover Improvement Society has now been signed. Both landowners (HIS and Dartmouth College) are fully supporting the Center.

As noted in the last update, the Center will be overseen by the Board of the Friends of Oak Hill beginning with the 2023-2024 season. The Board is beginning the process of recruiting a general manager to run the operations. We are looking for an individual with ski area operations experience, as well as general management and people skills. If you know of potential candidates, please let us know. A job description will soon be posted on the Friends of Oak Hill website.

If you have missed earlier newsletter updates, or need to sign up, link here.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support.

Peter Milliken


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