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Newsletter #15

Updated: Jan 21

More Snowmaking, Lessons and Rentals

Friends of Oak Hill Newsletter #15




The process of making snow on the new trail continues at a faster rate.  The cold temperatures early in the week and the promise of equally cold temps this weekend has allowed us to make a lot of progress.  The natural snow on Tuesday didn’t hurt either.  The Stadium and portion of the loop toward Oak Hill Road is complete.  The snowguns have been moved over to the loop near Storrs Pond and we’re pumping it out as fast as Mother Nature and her temperatures allow.



Clinics and Lessons


As we developed our plans for Oak Hill, one member of our community has been persistent in letting us know that she was excited to bring back an important part of the community culture at Oak Hill.   We are excited to revive the Women’s Clinic!


Led by PSIA Level 2 instructor Jane Henry, the clinic will meet Sundays from 200P until 330P on five successive Sundays, starting this weekend on Sunday January 21 and continuing until Sunday February 18.  The first two session will focus on the Classic technique and the remaining three sessions will teach skate skiing.  These clinics will be offered free of charge.  The only requirement is that those that sign up hold either a Season Pass or a Day Pass to OHOC.  Please click here to sign up and reserve your spot.  Each session is limited to 10 participants.


We’ve also received inquiries from many of you about the availability of lessons at Oak Hill Outdoor Center.   Rather than hire staff and schedule lessons ourselves, we’ve instead chosen to create a roster of qualified instructors to connect with interested parties.  Please find that resource here.




More than a few inquiries have come to us about rental equipment.  We’re happy to broadcast some information about our rental program for this winter.   Rental equipment (skis/poles/boots) for both classic and skate skiing are available at the Welcome Center at Oak Hill Outdoor Center.  A generous donor has provided funding that allows us to offer this equipment free of charge this winter.  A Season Pass or Day Pass is required.   Please stop by the Welcome Center between 9:00 and 4:00 and help yourself to the rental equipment.  If one of us is around, we can help with getting the right stuff.  Please use this equipment gently and return it when you’ve completed your ski.

Reviving the Welcome Center


Part of the redevelopment process over the Summer and Fall was the demolition and reconstruction of the interior of the Welcome Center at the end of the Oak Hill parking lot.  While the exterior remains much the same, the interior has been rebuilt as a warm and airy place where skiers can get dressed, prepare for their ski or recover afterward!  Please come in and take a look the next time you are at Oak Hill Outdoor Center.


Thank you for joining us on this journey – it’s been an exciting adventure so far and we’re excited to continue to develop what we do for you.


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1 Comment

Jan 20

Thank you for everything you are doing to make Oak Hill a community-centred ski experience.

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